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Category: Gaming and Technology

good point with the divisions..

08/18/2011 20:12:07


I think players can choose a team, unless there's too many of a type of player.

Say in NFC East, I am the only diamond.. then that's fine.  But if there's 4 already in there maybe not good coz we want to split them up?

Although at one point NFC East had like 4 great teams.. and one or two didn't make the playoffs.  This happens in real NFC.

Or your other idea:

Based on skill level, you'd have to use the current SC2 rankings http://www.karljay.com/main/sc2_ranks

Where you use NFL 2010 final rankings, and assign players off of that.  So perhaps if I'm ranked #1, I'd have to get the Packers and have that schedule to mirror NFL 2011.


As for map advantage... of course there is one. I could perfect timings of rushes and other things like when to expand in a certain map.  This is why in SC2 players can opt out of certain maps they don't like.

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