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Season 2 Schedule

04/06/2014 21:37:43


Using season 2 ladder maps, I randomize the schedule so that everyone plays each other.  The only issue is that the brand new maps (King Sejong Station, Overgrowth, Merry Go Round) won't be available until April 14th. So we may skip those games in week 1.  Here's the schedule:


Week Player 1 Player 2 Map
1 Decy JDON Alterzim Stronghold TE
1 HurtnTime Gorland Frost LE
1 Sef Blake Habitation Station LE
1 Shiek SirMalagant Merry Go Round LE
1 Freeedom AgtOrange Overgrowth LE
1 VIIXIMCMXC SamuraiPanda Waystation
2 VIIXIMCMXC AgtOrange Alterzim Stronghold TE
2 Blake Gorland Habitation Station LE
2 Shiek Decy King Sejong Station LE
2 HurtnTime Freeedom Merry Go Round LE
2 SamuraiPanda JDON Overgrowth LE
2 Sef SirMalagant Waystation
3 VIIXIMCMXC Gorland Alterzim Stronghold TE
3 SamuraiPanda Blake Frost LE
3 Sef JDON Habitation Station LE
3 Shiek Freeedom King Sejong Station LE
3 Decy SirMalagant Merry Go Round LE
3 HurtnTime AgtOrange Waystation
4 AgtOrange SamuraiPanda Alterzim Stronghold TE
4 JDON Blake Frost LE
4 Freeedom Sef King Sejong Station LE
4 Decy HurtnTime Merry Go Round LE
4 Shiek Gorland Overgrowth LE
4 SirMalagant VIIXIMCMXC Waystation
5 JDON VIIXIMCMXC Alterzim Stronghold TE
5 Gorland SamuraiPanda Frost LE
5 AgtOrange Sef Habitation Station LE
5 SirMalagant HurtnTime King Sejong Station LE
5 Shiek Blake Merry Go Round LE
5 Freeedom Decy Overgrowth LE
6 Gorland Decy Alterzim Stronghold TE
6 SamuraiPanda Sef Frost LE
6 JDON Freeedom Habitation Station LE
6 AgtOrange SirMalagant King Sejong Station LE
6 Shiek VIIXIMCMXC Merry Go Round LE
6 Blake HurtnTime Waystation
7 SamuraiPanda SirMalagant Alterzim Stronghold TE
7 Blake AgtOrange Habitation Station LE
7 Gorland JDON King Sejong Station LE
7 Sef Decy Merry Go Round LE
7 Shiek HurtnTime Overgrowth LE
7 VIIXIMCMXC Freeedom Waystation
8 Blake VIIXIMCMXC Alterzim Stronghold TE
8 Shiek SamuraiPanda Frost LE
8 Gorland Sef Habitation Station LE
8 SirMalagant Freeedom King Sejong Station LE
8 AgtOrange Decy Merry Go Round LE
8 JDON HurtnTime Overgrowth LE
9 VIIXIMCMXC HurtnTime Alterzim Stronghold TE
9 Gorland SirMalagant Frost LE
9 Shiek Sef Habitation Station LE
9 Blake Freeedom King Sejong Station LE
9 SamuraiPanda Decy Merry Go Round LE
9 JDON AgtOrange Overgrowth LE
10 Freeedom SamuraiPanda Alterzim Stronghold TE
10 Shiek JDON Habitation Station LE
10 AgtOrange Gorland King Sejong Station LE
10 SirMalagant Blake Merry Go Round LE
10 HurtnTime Sef Overgrowth LE
10 Decy VIIXIMCMXC Waystation
11 HurtnTime SamuraiPanda Alterzim Stronghold TE
11 Shiek AgtOrange Frost LE
11 Freeedom Gorland Habitation Station LE
11 Decy Blake King Sejong Station LE
11 Sef VIIXIMCMXC Merry Go Round LE
11 SirMalagant JDON Overgrowth LE



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