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Starcraft 2 Season 2 League Planning

03/16/2014 16:39:08


Starcraft League Season 2

If you're interested in signing up and confirming deadline is Friday the 21st midnight Eastern.  You can confirm/signup by posting here on this forum.

Season starts in 2 weeks.  As usual you can see updates in our Facebook group as well:


Possible players:




  • Josef, Terran
  • SirMalagant, Protoss
  • Blake, Protoss
  • AgtOrange, Zerg
  • Freeedom, Zerg




  • HurtnTime, Terran
  • Juninho, Terran
  • Decy, Protoss
  • SamuraiPanda, Protoss
  • Gorland, Terran
  • Kevin (Damen’s friend), Zerg
  • Shiek, Zerg


The players still need to confirmed and to be interviewed for commitment and acceptance of the rules below.  It is imperative players are reliable so the rest of the league does not get affected negatively - we want an even better season.

If you don’t already have a clan, please consider joining our clan so we can promote our league/group.  We would like to ask those who want to help do the observer view, the casting (FilthyRake hopefully will want to help, along with Kevin and Freeedom), banner creations, etc.

The possible rules to be finalized are mostly related to scheduling, and making sure games are played and players get used to playing certain days so they make time for it.

  1. games must be played Friday or Saturday latest, anytime between 8pm to 11pm EST.  Game warden can confirm from each which one and if they can’t come to a decision, game warden will pick. If you are late to the game without any notice, you forfeit that game, no exceptions.  Late means if the schedule is 8:30pm, you are forfeited at 8:45pm. No rescheduling even if both of you can’t make it, and in that case, it will be listed as a tie.  This will ensure our casters are not waiting, and scheduled telecasts on twitch are on time.
  2. you must use the account listed, no barcode names, and you must declare to your opponent the race you’ll play (if different from your listed race) 3 days before the game is played.  This is so the opponent can prepare.  If you did not, the opponent can force you to play the listed race.
  3. each season game is played on a rotating list of maps.  We will probably do the current ladder maps.
  4. observers cannot talk, because the game is casted. Number of observers and who can observe, depends on who is streaming. It is better you just watch the stream on twitch.
  5. all replays must be uploaded to the replay upload site (http://www.karljay.com/main/sc2/replays). This way opponents can study your games if needed.
  6. If there are no casters scheduled, you can go ahead and play just save the replay as usual.
  7. all regular season games are best of 1, and follow the scheduled map and date.
  8. at the end of the regular season, just like last season, there will be a playoffs for all players where each game is best of 1, except for semi finals (best of 3) and finals (best of 5).
  9. all games will be casted to the best of the casters ability, so that they are available on youtube as usual.
  10. we will have a 3rd, 4th and 5th place best of 1 games, unlike in season 1 as soon as that is determined in the playoffs.  The reason for determining this is below (prizes).
  11. we will have a prize pool because we expect to have sponsorships and donations.  Our target is 1st to 6th place will have cash prizes. You must have a paypal account by the end of the playoffs to receive the prize, else it gets added to the pool for next season.


2 vs 2 League

We also want to do one, depending on the number of players for our regular 1v1 season.  Most of the rules for this will be the same, except for 2v2, the teams will be determined based on fair matches.  This means based on our pool of interested players, a higher level player will be teamed up with a lower level for parity reasons.  Who will determine the pairings will be decided later.

For now please post interest here.  We don’t want to jeopardize our regular league.  The intent of this league is to open up participation to other players who are not in our 1v1 league, and want team games instead.







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