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I see myself as being uttlerly uncompetitive in ALL games
Iadder man

08/19/2011 16:34:47


unless there's a large advantage for me wether it be handicap or race selection..  Again, Id be happy to run the league and not play in it, but its gonna be aggravating and degrading to play in it without a chance in hell of winning most of the games.

Keep in mind that I havent played real SC2 in many months, and even if I became obsessed with it again, Id be at best a gold and still have no chance against most of you guys.  I was able to hold my own in SC1 because of the lesser focus on micro (i cant micro worth a crap but my strategies are good)...SC2 ill never be anything more than a middling pubber.  Doesnt help when your fine motor skills are horrible.



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