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If everyone can pick their own team...
Iadder man

08/18/2011 19:56:27


...and the schedule is based on that team, then Im not running it.  It should be done by how good players are, you dont want 4 Plats in one division and 3 Bronzes and 1 Silver in another.  If you wanna pick your team name, then ill mash up the divisions and make a NFL-like schedule.  If you want, every person could be inserted into a certain team based on their skill level (Id be Panthers), then we follow the NFL schedule.  But no having me be Packers, Zed the Bears, ODIN the Lions, and Chips the monkey as the Vikings.


And freedom, of course, the random idea is just that, an idea to level the playing field a little.  If people dont want it then obvs its not gonna happen, i just threw it out as an idea.  I dont see what kind of advantage a "Home map" gives, and if there's no handicaps, then you are right, I play you 1000 times and I win 0 or 1 if your mouse dies.



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