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The view from below ;)
Syndrome Zed

08/17/2011 11:56:58


Yeah, I'd agree it's a bit more competitive than last time around.  I started this season back in bronze but haven't been able to move much - I bounce from the 20's to the single digits and back.  Seems like at least right now there're a lot more people active, so I'm having to play more to keep my ranking where it is.


Interestingly though, I'm playing more as zerg and generally having better luck.  Apparently even a modest zerg player has an advantage compared to the others in bronze level play.  I have one almost funny replay to post if I can still find it.  Some diamond-level guy slumming in bronze, and drunk, in his friend's account wound up kicking my ass (though he gave me the win and then apologized after the game anyway).  He cannoned up on XelNaga Caverns, then went straight to carrier and mothership.  I tried to kill the m'ship with my queens but before I could he mass-recalled a group of stalkers, a carrier, and a few zeals into my base.  Mind you, I had built a baneling nest but hadn't even had time to get a roach warren, and my lair was in mid-build, so you can get an idea of how fast he put that battle group together. :D  That's one helluva wide range of skill, eh?


I like the idea of an NFL-style season, even though I'd be taking on the role (and I guess the name) of the Raiders. ;)  But at least I wouldn't be Cleveland!  Someone else would have to do the organizing though, I just wouldn't have the time to keep it all together these days.  Iadder would get my vote for Commish if he wanted to do it, too.



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