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so SC2 season 3, and NFL-style SC2 season

08/17/2011 11:08:10


definitely a bit harder than before.. I find myself losing more so than before.  But I'm still of course moving up.. just not as fast as before.  I try to put in 1-2 ladder games a day.

Gergall, how is Platinum for you?  Many former Diamonds there I think.

I also think in Diamond there are probably former Masters.. so it's harder for everyone.

2v2 and 3v3 me, sef, SirM are working on moving up.. currently top 10 (was 2nd then log on 3 days later dropped to 8th lol).  We think we have a shot to be #1 for a while, then maybe Masters.

Anyone else playing?

Does someone want to organize a NFL-style SEASON where we have players scheduled to play against each other.. then eventual Playoffs?  We could start it like NFL too.. week 1 matchups.  Then season ends playoffs begin same as NFL schedule.

I think that'd be tight.  We can also pick teams to name after.. so I'd pick the Skins unless someone beats me to it.

Then we'd have divisions like in NFL.

Thoughts??  ladderman might be perfect to be commish here...



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